NHRC furious over student suicides in Telugu states

The NHRC is outraged that governments are not taking scientific action to curb student suicides in Telugu states.The NHRC had directed the chief secretaries of the two states to report on student suicides in AP and Telangana in December last year.

It was incensed at the lack of scientific measures taken by state governments to curb student suicides. The NHRC has directed the CSs of both states to submit a comprehensive report within six weeks. It warned that they would have to appear before NHRC if the report was not provided.

NHRC reported 426 students committed suicide in Telangana as per the 2019 National Crime Records. The NHRC said 383 students had committed suicide based on government crime records in the AP. Supreme Court Advocate Shravan Kumar has lodged a complaint with the NHRC against student suicides in Telugu states.

According to the complaint, students studying in private educational institutions in Telugu states are suffering from mental stress. Shravan Kumar said in the complaint that the authorities were not taking appropriate action.

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