No more doubts, Akshay’s Bell Bottom will release in theatres as scheduled

After Bell Bottom has confirmed that the Bell Bottom movie will be released on 19th August in theatres, everyone has excited. Especially, distributors and exhibitors. But there has been confusion after the Maharashtra government ordered to close theatres for some more days as cases have been slowly mounting up.

Yesterday, the team Bell Bottom released the trailer. At the trailer launch event, Superstar Akki and the team is supercharged and confidently displayed a placard ‘Unlocking the Cinemas’.  Their confidence is showing that Bell Bottom will be released as scheduled without fail.

Coming to the trailer, it is an amalgamation of Nagarjuna’s Gaganam mainly, BABY etc., As per Bollywood film critics Sumit Kadel and Rohit Jaiswal, Bell Bottom is an amalgamation of BABY, Airlift, Zameen etc.,

Despite there is uncertainty over the opening of theatres in Maharashtra, the team Bell Bottom is confident. AP and Telangana governments have allowed theatres to open with full capacity. The Delhi government also allowed the opening of theatres. As per film critics, if Maharashtra won’t allow theatres to open, it is difficult for Bell Bottom to survive. 

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