‘No pressure from BJP high command to resign’- BS Yediyurappa

After announcing his resignation as Karnataka CM, BS Yediyurappa said to the media he was not forced to step down from the BJP high command. Mr Yediyurappa thanked the high command for letting him to be Karnataka CM despite his age was 75.

Yediyurappa who said the party is important not the post has confirmed to be active in politics and works hard for the party to bring back into power again. He is tightlipped over his successor. Yediyurappa has submitted his resignation to the Governor and he will be Karnataka CM until the new one is appointed by the BJP high command. In next three months, Karnataka new CM will be announced. Along with Pralhad Joshi, few other names have been heard to be the next CM.

With Yediyurappa’s exit, an era has been ended. He was from a poor family. Lost his mother when he was a child. He sold lemons to help the family and worked as a factory helper and a rice mill clerk. With his might and main, he built BJP in Karnataka and brought it to power.  He is 8 time MLA, one time MP and MLC. Thrice Leader of the Opposition and a Four-time CM. His journey was an inspiration.

The journey of Yediyurappa started from here to Karnataka CM…!

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