‘Nobody like EVV in encouraging writers’

Today is Late EVV Satyanarayana’s birthday and his fans are fondly remembering the star director of the 1990s. During a Twitter Spaces congregation on June 9, writer-director BVS Ravi shared some interesting anecdotes involving the ‘Jamba Lakidi Pamba’ maker.

Ravi, known for writing acclaimed films like ‘Bommarillu’, revealed that EVV was the best when it came to respecting writers. “If a writer came up with an exciting situation or scene, EVV garu would immediately take out Rs 10,000 from his pocket and gift it to the writer. Back in those days, the amount was like Rs 1 lakh today,” Ravi said.

EVV cultivated and nurtured a wide range of writers, which explains why he could bring out superb comedies and movies involving small actors as well as big names such as Venkatesh. “He would always surround himself with a bunch of writers. He would indulge in endless conversations with them. I used to wonder when he sleeps,” Ravi said.

Allari Naresh revealed that his father was adamant about making films with him and Aryan Rajesh after they debuted in movies in the early 2000s. “He would tell us that he will focus on other heroes after delivering hits for us,” the ‘Naandhi’ actor said. 

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