Not Covid-19, those cause an affect to Shyam Singha Roy

In these pandemic times, only Annaatthe and Nani’s Shyam Singha Roy has braved Corona and continued to shoot until before the Telangana government announces a lockdown in the state.

Nani’s Shyam Singha Roy which was in the last leg of the shoot has stalled the shoot due to a rise in Covid cases. Before the shoot halts, the film has only more than 10 days to shoot. Surprisingly, SSR wasn’t affected due to corona but it had an impact due to rains.

Yes, in the city, there were rains for the past few days. Due to the rains, a special set which resembles Kolkata has slightly damaged due to rains and its repair will be started as the weather favours.

As per the reports, there hasn’t been much damage done to SSR set financially. Sai Pallavi, Krithi Shetty and Madonna Sebastian are the female leads, directed by Rahul Sankrityan.

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