Noted overseas sports journalist is in love with Nani’s Jersey

Noted Australian sports journalist, Chloe Amanda Bailey has a special love for India, especially the Indian cricket team. Her tweets are more Indian when team India cricket matches are on.  

Like many, she also disappointed but backed the Virat led team India after the WTC final 2021’s defeat. She defends the Indian team better than many Indians.

Well, Chloe Amanda Bailey who has watched Jersey has bowled over by the performance of Nani. Like for many, the railway station scene of Nani shouting loudly is her favourite scene.

Here is what she tweets, “I watched Jersey! What an emotional journey. The creators did a brilliant job of drawing you in – you back Arjun’s dreams as much as him. Nani did a beautiful job. You smile with him, you cry with him. My favourite scene is at the train station – my fear turned to elation.”

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