NTK chief Seeman warns of “dire consequences”, if The Family Man 2 premieres

Naam Tamilar Katchi Chief coordinator Senthamizan Seeman releases a press statement and urges to call off the premiere of ‘The Family Man 2’ on Amazon Prime. In the statement, he said that the trailer is portraying Tamils in a bad light and it also shows that there is a connection between the Tamil militant group and Pakistan ISI.

The color of Samantha’s uniform resembles LTTE and she is portraying an Eezham Woman in the web series. The tyranny of Sinhala chauvinism had slaughtered 2 lakh tamils in Eezham and he mentioned that NTK won’t accept to portray Tamils as terrorists.

And he also mentioned films like ‘Madras Cafe’ and ‘Inam’ were not screened in theatres of Tamil Nadu for portraying Tamils in the bad light. He warned of dire sequences if Family Man 2 will premiere on 4th June all over on Amazon Prime.

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