Official: Prashant Kishor quits as a poll strategist

After TMC and DMK have won the elections, the Political and Poll strategist has made a shocking revelation. Speaking to NDTV’s Sreenivasan Jain, Prashant Kishor said that he is quitting as a poll strategist. He said he had enough and it was a tough job to spent 8-9 years and reiterated it’s enough for him. And he wanted to pursue something in his life. 

He also said that his decision would be known to some of the senior colleagues of I-PAC. He has worked as a poll strategist for BJP, INC, AAP, AITC, YSRCP, and DMK.  In this five-state assembly, he worked as an election strategist for both TMC and DMK. Both have got a landslide victory in the elections.

In 2011, he made Modi re-elected for the third time as Gujarat CM, which was PK first major political campaign. Prashant Kishor has become popular nationwide in helping BJP to win a huge majority in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections under CAG(Citizens for Accountable Governance). This group was conceptualized by PK.

Before entering into Indian politics, he worked for United Nations for 8 years. Earlier, he was trained in public health.  Well, it is known that PK challenged to quit Twitter if BJP gets double-digit in West Bengal elections 2021. But he confirmed to NDTV that is not quitting for this reason and he wants to achieve something else in life.

Anyway, this decision is a shocker for some political parties which wanted to hire him in future elections. 

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