Open schools aggressively: AIIMS Director

AIIMS Director Dr Randeep Guleria has said that schools must be reopened and work towards the same should happen aggressively. He made the statement in view of how the digitally disenfranchised sections of the population have had to suffer since last year. 

As quoted by ANI, Guleria said that it was just his personal opinion. He added that the closing of schools due to the pandemic has affected the young generation in terms of knowledge. He said that marginalized sections are suffering because of a lack of access to online classes.

With vaccination for kids not yet begun, it is unlikely that the governments, be they states or the Centre, will listen to the AIIMS Director’s suggestion. A vast section of parents are worried about the health of their kids and they are unlikely to send their children to skills this year even if reopened. Telangana, recently, announced that schools will be re-opened from July 1 in the State. 

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