OTT won’t help actors: Raja Ravindra

Raja Ravindra, who is a character artist by passion and a manager of actors’ dates by profession, has said that the OTT phenomenon will undermine the market potential of a lot of actors whose movies continue to release on OTT instead of theatres. He is of the view that the commercial success of the OTT releases can’t be ascertained with certainty. And in a few years, the actors who skip the theatres will have no way to determine their own commercial worth. 

“Films like ‘Jathi Ratnalu’ would have made Rs 5 Cr each had they skipped theatres. But ‘Jathi Ratnalu’ made ten times more in theatres,” Raja Ravindra added.

Raja Ravindra has played a lead role in ‘Crazy Uncles’, starring Sreemukhi as a woman who is wooed by him, Mano and Bharani. The comedy, directed by Bala Raju, will hit the cinemas on August 19. 

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