‘Panchathantram’ Teaser is out

The teaser for ‘Panchathantram’ is out. Starring Brahmanandam as a story-teller and Swathi Reddy as Samuthirakhani’s daughter, the film has Rahul Vijay, Shivathmika Rajashekar, Naresh Agastya, Divya Drishti and Vikas in other roles.

“This is the story of your relationship with your parents, your children, your friends and yourself,” a voice-over says in the teaser. 

Produced by Akhilesh Vardhan and Srujan Yarabolu of Ticket Factory and S Originals, respectively, the film is directed by Harsha Pulipaka. 

With Raj K Nalli as the director of photography, its music is by Prashanth R Vihari. Editing is by Garry BH. Lyrics are by Kittu Vissapragada. 

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