Paruchuri Mallik’s popularity is huge, suggests RGV

Ram Gopal Varma, who recently interviewed the now controversial chemical engineer and self-styled covid specialist, is happy that the video has clocked more than two lakh views in two days on his YouTube channel.

Taking to Twitter, the filmmaker observed that the fact that the interview has gone big proves how popular Mallik is. At about 70 minutes, the interview has been hosted by RGV himself. 

In the long video, Mallik suggests that he was among the first to call out the alleged uselessness of HCQ in the treatment of coronavirus in March 2020. Mallik is heard making several other claims, most of which are non-original or disputed. RGV hardly counters him anywhere. While many are appreciating RGV for making Mallik speak elaborately on his pet peeves against the medical fraternity, others are questioning the filmmaker’s lack of expertise in medical matters. 

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