Pawan Kalyan charges one crore per day for Harish Shankar’s film

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has recently met all his directors and producers and discussed the forthcoming schedules of his movies. He met Mythri Movie Makers producers, director Harish Shankar followed by HHVM director and producer.

It was a known fact that Pawan Kalyan was the highest-paid actor in Tollywood for almost two decades. If we exclude the pan India star from the business, Powerstar is still the highest-paid actor in Tollywood. With Baahubali success, Prabhas became a pan India star. In the past, it was a fact that he was not in the top league of stars. With his hard work and dedication, Prabhas has become a pan India star now.

Coming to the main point, Pawan Kalyan has been charging one crore per day for director Harish Shankar’s film. He was given a whopping 60cr remuneration for Pawan Kalyan 28. And the Powerstar has allotted 60 days call sheets for Harish Shankar’s film.

The shooting of Pawan Kalyan 28 is likely to be started in November 2021. ‘Bhavadeeyudu Bhagat Singh’ and ‘Sanchari’ titles have been widely circulating on social media.

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