PelliSandaD box office run is a shocker!

Roshan and SreeLeela’s PelliSandaD box office run is a shocker. Despite the film having negative reviews, people thronged to theatres to see this film.

PelliSandaD was released in more than 400 theatres worldwide. The film which was released on the eve of Dussehra was opened with housefuls in almost all areas. As per T2B Live, PelliSandaD collected 1.61cr share worldwide on Day 1.

Based on the negative reviews, trade analysts expected its box office run would end with the aforementioned figure. Shockingly, it was collected on Day 1. And it was strong on Day 2 too.

Trade analysts say this phenomenal box office run for PelliSandaD was because of the sequel craze and hit music. Especially, the title PelliSandaD had an unbreakable bond with Telugu movie lovers.

1996 PelliSandaD was a huge hit starring Srikanth, Ravali and Deepti Bhatnagar in lead roles. Despite negative reviews, that magic seems repeating for this PelliSandaD too.

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