Petrol, Diesel prices are hiked for the third day in a row

The Center has imposed an extra burden on petrol, diesel prices for the third day in a row after the election season in the country. On Thursday, Oil companies decided to hike petrol price by 25 paise per litre and diesel by 30 paise per litre in the national capital, Delhi.

In Hyderabad, the petrol price was hiked by 23 paise per litre on Thursday. With this, the price of petrol in Hyderabad has gone up to Rs 94.57 per litre.  The Diesel price rose by 31 paise per litre and the total price has reached Rs 88.77 per litre on Thursday. The Motorists are worried about the rise in petrol prices for the past three days.

Oil companies say they have raised petrol prices for the third day in a row on rising international crude oil prices. Petrol sales in the country fell by 7 per cent due to the Covid outbreak. Oil prices also rose for the third day in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

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