Petroleum companies hiked the price of LPG Cylinders again

The Petroleum companies have once again hiked the price of LPG cylinders. Earlier, they had increased the price by Rs 25.50 on 1st July. Again after 45 days, the price of gas cylinders has increased by twenty-five rupees. The cost of a non-subsidized domestic gas cylinder has been raised from Rs.834 in July to Rs. 859.50 in Delhi.

Now, a 14.2 Kg LPG cylinder cost is at Rs.859/-. The price of cooking gas has been increased by Rs.165 between 1st January and 17th August. The cooking has become burdensome for the meek and middle-class with the successive increase in price in back to back months.

As per some political experts, no party has been looking for a solution in regulating the prices of Petrol, Diesel and LPG. And it became a weapon for the opposition to appear in the media by attacking the ruling whereas for the Central government it is a chance to divert the main issues. Ultimately, the common man is paying the price.

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