Pinarayi Vijayan govt invokes Kerala Essential Articles Control Act 1986 to control prices of…

Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan government’s administration is very impressive and commendable in dealing with Covid-19.  In India, only the state has set up the Covid war and tracking the availability of Oxygen beds, beds in all hospitals across the state. It is possible only because its primary health care system is wonderful and it is technology-enabled. That’s why they have the database of all hospitals including inpatients, outpatients, beds, oxygen beds etc.,  Due to this, they’re easily tracking and allocating the beds to the needy immediately.

Earlier, they’ve dealt with the Nipah virus and floods smartly and at a rapid pace. The Kerala government has taken another historic step to control the prices of Covid-related medical equipment and essentials. It has invoked Kerala Essential Articles Control Act 1986. With this act, the state government has come up with affordable prices even for a common man to buy Covid related equipment.

It was known that inhumanely people were robbed for these items. Even a normal Covid mask has been selling for Rs.20-30 rupees. This act will bring down the prices and make all Covid related equipment accessible to the people at affordable rates.

Kerala Essential Articles Control Act, 1986 is being invoked to control prices of articles required for treating COVID 19. PPE Kits- ₹273, N95 Mask- ₹22, Triple Layer Mask- ₹3.90, Face Shield -₹21, Disposable Apron- ₹12, Surgical Gown- ₹65, Inspection Gloves- ₹5.75, Hand Sanitiser- ₹192 (500 ml), ₹98 (200 ml), ₹55 (100 ml), Sterile Gloves -₹15 (pair), NRB Mask- ₹80, Oxygen Mask- ₹54, Flow Meter with Humidifier -₹1520 and  Pulse Oximeter- ₹1500.

As per Kerala CMO, the state government has been allocated ₹77.42Cr  as incentive and risk allowance for NHM staff as part of the Covid Brigade package, for the period Dec ’20 to Apr ’21. This is in addition to the ₹22.68Cr issued as an incentive and ₹45.32Cr as risk allowance, earlier.

While the Kerala government has been alloting risk allowance and incentive package for NHM staff, many states didn’t even care about those who have been braving Covid and serving the infected people round the clock. In many states of India, there is no proper health care infrastructure in government hospitals. Due to this people have been running to corporate hospitals.

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