PM Modi announces free vaccines to the age-group above 18 from 21st June

The Prime Minister addressed the nation on key measures taken by the Center in the wake of Covid Second Wave, availability of vaccines, development of indigenous vaccines and other key issues.

The Prime Minister made a key statement that the responsibility for vaccination would now be taken entirely by the Center and that the Center would provide the vaccines free of cost to the states without having to spend a single penny.

He said that although 25 per cent vaccination work was being done by the states at present, now the Center would also take up the responsibility and implement the policy in the next two weeks.

The Prime Minister also announced that free vaccines will be given to those above 18 from 21st June. He also clarified that private hospitals would have to charge only Rs 150 under the service charge on vaccines.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday announced that he was extending the Prime Minister’s Garib Kalyan scheme till Diwali. The Prime Minister said that 80 crore poor people will get free ration due to this scheme. Last year too, the Center implemented the scheme for a few months during Covid.

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