PM Modi introduces his Council of Ministers in the Lok Sabha

The Monsoon Parliament session has begun today. Before the commencement of the Monsoon session, Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla tweets,” People want that their expectations and hopes reach the government through the Parliament. I hope all political parties will play a positive role in this direction”.

In his introductory remarks in Lok Sabha, PM Modi has introduced newly elected Union Ministers amid the uproar of opposition MPs.  The PM has said for the first time many Dalits, women, tribals, and the OBC community have been given ministries.

The Indian Prime Minister said some people were unhappy that women, OBCs, Dalits, tribals and farmers’ sons become Central ministers. That’s why they didn’t even allow me to introduce them.

Modi who anticipated purposeful discussions in this monsoon session has requested the people of the country to get vaccinated.

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