PM Modi invites US Vice President Kamala Harris to visit India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is in the USA has met the US Vice-President Kamala Harris and discussed multiple subjects that will further concrete the relationship between India and the USA.

US Vice President Kamala Harris and Indian Prime Minister Modi had a meeting at the White House. During the bilateral meeting, Modi lauded Kamala Harris as an inspiration to millions across the globe by becoming the first black and Asian woman to elect as US Vice-President.

The Indian Foreign Ministry stated she has discussed Pakistan’s role in terrorism and how India has been a victim of terrorism for decades. She is also said to closely monitor Pak’s support for terrorist groups. The two leaders who decided to further strengthen the Indo-US strategic partnership has discussed global issues of common interest, including threats to democracy, Afghanistan and the Indo-Pacific.

The US Vice-President said it was the responsibility of both countries to safeguard democracy in the United States and India.

Modi who thanked Kamala Haris for her support to India during the Covid-19 epidemic has invited her to visit India.

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