PM Modi lauds Indian scientists

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has lauded Indian scientists for their success in developing the Covid-19 vaccine. He praised the development of the vaccine in just one year after the outbreak and the strengthening of other measures to combat it. On Friday, Modi addressed a meeting of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) via video conferencing.

He said that we would have to wait for many years to achieve in our country the development achieved abroad in the last century. But today’s Indian scientists are working shoulder to shoulder with foreign scientists. The Foreign and indigenous scientists are working at the same pace. The Prime Minister says the world is facing its biggest challenge in a century, and developing vaccines in just one year is probably unprecedented. He called on all of us to work for a self-sufficient India and a strong India.

He said the Covid-19 crisis may have slowed, but our determination remained stable. India wants to achieve self-reliance in many areas. He said India wants to be self-reliant and empowered in everything from agriculture to astronomy, from disaster management to defence technology, from vaccines to virtual reality, from biotechnology to battery technology.

India is leading the world in the areas of sustainable development and clean energy. He said India was playing a key role in advancing other countries in the areas of software and satellite development.

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