Population Control Bill: It’s time for ‘Hum 2, Hamare 1’

Although the second wave of corona in the country has decreased, various variants of the coronavirus are multiplied in concern. After Delta and Delta Plus, now the Kappa variant has been identified. So far 11 Kappa variant cases have been reported in Rajasthan. This caused a stir in the state.

State Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma said 11 Kappa variant cases have been reported in Rajasthan so far.  He said it is less dangerous compared to the Delta and Delta plus variants. And symptoms of the Kappa variant are the same as other variants.  He also said that they have initiated Genome Sequencing.

However, he warned people to be very vigilant about the corona. A total of 9.53 lakh corona cases were reported in Rajasthan till 13th July. While 28 new corona cases have been registered in the last 24 hours, a total of 9.43 lakh people have recovered from corona in the state so far.

Speaking to the ANI, the Rajasthan Health Minister has disclosed that there is a vaccine shortage in the state and it would be better if they receive vaccine doses for at least four days.

Responding to the Population Control bill, he said that their government will take up the slogan ‘Hum 2, Hamare 1″ to control the rising population in the state.

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