Pradeep Machiraju gets emotional about father

Earlier this month, Pradeep Machiraju’s father Panduranga Machiraju succumbed to coronavirus. Days after his demise, the star TV anchor has penned an emotional note, thanking his father for everything. 

“Thank you for teaching me how to handle life with grace and dignity. Now everything that I do is in honour of you and to celebrate your life,” the ’30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela’ actor wrote. 

The popular TV host thanked his father for always being there and standing by his choices no matter what. “You lovingly repaired my broken spirit,” Pradeep wrote. “You will always be special to me. And no matter where life takes me, I will remember you with love,” Pradeep wrote. 

He described his late father as a superhero. 

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