Prakash Raj announces the ‘MAA’ elections panel

It was known that versatile actor Prakash Raj is contesting in MAA association’s elections. The Vakeel Saab actor said that the Telugu film industry has given him so much love and fame than any other industry in India. And he wants to do it for MAA in return.

Mr Prakash Raj is clearly mentioning one thing that he has been contesting to safeguard the respect and honour of MAA which has been derailed for the past few hours. He also said that MAA needs a house to share everything related to its family members. He also thought of education and health facilities for MAA members in an interview with a popular Telugu news channel.

Mega brother Nagendra Babu has openly supported Prakash Raj’s panel for MAA elections. And he also said that mega family support is with Prakash Raj.

Prakash Raj has announced his 27 members’ panel that will contest in MAA elections:

  1. Prakash Raj 2. Jayasudha 3. Srikanth 4. Banerjee 5. Saikumar 6. Tanish 7. Pragati 8. Anasuya 9. Sana 10. Anita Chaudhary 11. Sudha 12. Ajay 13. Nagineedu 14. Brahmaji 15. Raviprakash 16. Samir 17. Uttej 18. Bandla Ganesh 19. Edida Sriram 20. Shivareddy 21. Bhopal 22. Tarzan 23. Suresh Kondeti 24. Khayyum 25. Sudigali Sudhir 26. Govinda Rao 27. Sridhar Rao.

On the other hand, Vishnu Manchu, Jeevitha Rajasekhar, and Hema are also contesting for MAA Presidency.

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