Pre-marital s*x a crucial element in ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’

The subject of pre-marital s*x is taboo in Telugu movies. Any number of Bollywood films have touched the subject but not our movies. But ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ seems to be out to introduce to the Telugu audience the very missing element within the template of a family entertainer. 

The song ‘Leharaayi’, which was released today, has lyrics that allude to liberating love-making between the characters played by Akhil Akkineni and Pooja Hegde. Even the teaser had Akhil’s character looking for a life partner who thinks wildly.

Pooja has played the role of a stand-up comic in the movie. She bumps into Akhil and they become live-in partners, the buzz goes. 

The film will hit the cinemas on October 8. GA2 Pictures has produced it.

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