‘Priyuraalu’: Deals with extra-marital affairs & their ramifications

‘Priyuraalu’ is the latest Telugu web film in the digital town. Streaming on SonyLIV, it is directed by Rama Raju. 

Starring Prithvi as a TV journalist and Kalpana Mounika as his sexually-liberal neighbour, the 120-minute film is about the dramatic side-effects of extra-marital affairs. If Prithvi’s Madhava is married, Mounika’s Divya is single. She initiates Madhava into sex because she loves him.
The web film’s premise is sincere, but the narration is snail-paced. The undramatic second half, the bland dialogues between another couple, and the dull scenes many not be to everyone’s liking. 

The songs are its shimmering feature. But since they have been used as a stand-in for dialogues. 

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