Pro-government films have been encouraged: Naseeruddin Shah

Acclaimed multi-lingual actor Naseeruddin Shah has said that the government is encouraging propaganda movies from Bollywood. Without taking any names, the senior artist suggested that such films are finding easy access to finance. 

 He suggested that films have also been promised a clean chit if they possess content that serves as propaganda. The international actor added that those films come with a jingoistic agenda.

There is a suspicion that Shah was referring to movies such as ‘Uri’ by talking about them. Several Netizens are not taking his claim at a face value. “If the powers-that-be have the ability to get propaganda movies financed, they can also cut out the finance for movies that are critical of the government. But such a thing is not happening.
Neither is there undue censorship against films that are critical of the ruling party’s ideology,” a Facebook user said. 

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