Pro-SRK voices are getting idiotic: Netizens

Shah Rukh Khan has been receiving sympathy from a wide section of commentators and columnists, some of whom have been lionizing him and almost equating him with the country. Recently, a commentator said that the Bollywood superstar has inspired millions of Indians to dream big. The fawning tweets/opinions have been churned out in the context of SRK’s son, Aryan Khan, having been arrested in the drugs-on-cruise case. 

Writing in ‘The Print’, senior journalist Kaveree Bamzai opined, “Shah Rukh has negotiated change before. In the ’90s, he told us how to deal with the three Ms of Mandir, market and Mandal. Love was everything.” The headline of the article reads, “Shah Rukh Khan was India. And then India changed.” 

Several Netizens are hitting back at the exaggerated prices. “When the arrest happened, they said SRK is the most well-known Indian. Two weeks later, they said SRK is the father and husband of the nation. Three weeks later, they are saying SRK is India. Next week, they will say he gave birth to our universe,” quipped Ajit Datta, pooh-poohing the pro-SRK chatterati. 

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