Producer alleges Posani Krishna Murali cheated him

Srinivas Nallam, a less-known film producer and a member of the Jana Sena Party, has lashed out at Posani Krishna Murali. In a video message, he made a series of allegations.  

“I produced a movie titled ‘Posani Gentleman’ in 2009. Before that, I had distributed a couple of his movies and incurred heavy losses on them. I have the right to talk about Posani because he cheated me big-time,” he claimed. The producer suggested that he had not intended to make a B-Grade film but he was hoodwinked by Posani into believing that a family entertainer would be made. 

“When I faced financial issues due to ‘Posani Gentleman’, Posani didn’t even lift my phone call. He didn’t even promote my movie. Such a person has no right to raise fingers at Pawan Kalyan garu’s remuneration. He pays taxes regularly,” Srinivas Nallam added. 

Posani on Monday alleged that a Punjabi actress was cheated by a film industry personality. “Did the victim come and tell you that she was cheated?” Nallam asked. 

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