PSPK 28 first look is ready..!

It is quite common that fans would expect something exciting on the eve of their demigod’s birthday from the production houses.  And it has been the age-old tradition following for decades. That too, if that birthday is Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s, apparently it would be something special than other Superstars and pan India stars.

On the eve of PSPK’s 50th birthday, his devotees are expecting that something really special would happen. The first look and title of Pawan Kalyan from the director Harish Shankar’s movie will be released on 2nd September.

The photoshoot for PSPK 28 has already been completed long back. The unexpected look of Powerstar is likely to be unveiled on the Gabbar Singh star’s birthday. Of this, an official announcement is expected soon.

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