Punjab CM issues stern warning to Pakistan

Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh has sent a scathing message to Pakistan. Speaking after unveiling the national flag on the occasion of Independence Day, he made it clear that they would not tolerate any attack on Indian soil.
He said that India would not tolerate any attack or attempt to occupy the territory. In case any warned to teach a lesson that Pakistan would remember for a lifetime.

Recently, Captain Amarinder Singh met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said Pakistan was trying to infiltrate the peasant movement. He said the farmers’ movement was likely to create security problems for  Punjab and the country. He said Pakistan-backed anti-India forces were trying to manipulate the peasant movement to their advantage.

Speaking from the Red Fort on Sunday on the occasion of Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, referring indirectly to Pakistan and China, said terrorism and expansionism have become a challenge to India. He said the country was not afraid to take revenge on its enemies. “We carried out surgical strikes in Uri in 2016 and airstrikes in Balakot in 2019, revealing the strength and capabilities of our army,” he said. He said they would work in all possible ways to strengthen the military.

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