Puri Jagannadh speaks out against anti-vaxx sentiment

A lot of people are not taking the coronavirus vaccine out of fear that it will lead to adverse side effects. In order to quash the social media-driven vaccine hesitancy, Puri Jagannadh has done a podcast.

The star director said that all medicines have a side effect. “A side effect is not necessary undesirable. It might indicate that the vaccine is yielding results,” the ‘Liger’ director said.

He added that blood clots after taking a vaccine are very rare. “They are so rare that doctors in the West have almost ruled out vaccines as the cause,” Puri said. 

He questioned people for not thinking twice before indulging in harmful habits like smoking and drinking. “When you consume cigarettes and alcohol without compunction, what stops you from taking the vaccine, which is scientifically proved to be precious?” he asked. 

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