Pushpa is the first in the history of Indian cinema!

With producer Y Ravi Shankar’s statement, Icon Star Allu Arjun and director Sukumar’s Pushpa is confirmed to be released in two parts. The producer has made it clear that due to the vastness of the story only the film will be made in two parts.

With this, Pusha has become the first film to be released in two parts in the history of Indian cinema. Yes, in this genre, Pushpa is the first film to be made and released in two parts. Baahubali is of a different genre. Bollywood is known for sequels but they didn’t make a film continuing to the former. Only they’ve taken the characters and made different stories.

But Pushpa is a huge story that has continuity from the first part like Baahubali. You can call Pushpa 2 a genuine sequel to its former. Well, Pushpa is all set to create new history not only with this feat but also with the content.

Already, the Pushpa intro teaser has become the fastest liked trailer in India.

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