R Narayana Murthy has condemned the rumour

R Narayana Murthy has condemned the media-driven rumour that he is broke. In an emotional video statement, the senior artist and filmmaker said that there is no truth in what some YouTube video-makers have claimed about him.

The other day, Gaddar (the folk singer) happened to say that Murthy has been living away from the city. His remarks were thought to be a hint that Murthy has run out of savings. “I have literally earned crores of rupees through my films, many of which were blockbusters. I am a man of self-respect. I am not poor. My fans are worried that I have been rendered penniless. It’s not at all true. If I am living a spartan lifestyle, it’s because of my principles,” Murthy said.

He asked the media to be honest and diligent. “The media is supposed to bring out the truth. But your unverified lies have caused me pain,” Murthy lamented.

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