Rahul Gandhi lambasts Modi government over Central Vista

Congress Leader, Rahul Gandhi lambasts the Modi government over the Central Vista redevelopment project. As part of this project, a lot of changes have been made to India’s central administrative area including the construction of a new parliament building, construction of residences and offices to the Prime Minister and Vice President.

Rahul Gandhi called resuming Central vista is a criminal wastage in these terrible covid times when people are dying due to lack of oxygen and medical facilities across the nation. He also mentioned not to put people’s lives at stake to get his new house with his(Modi) blind arrogance.

This is what Rahul tweets, ” Central Vista is criminal wastage. Put people’s lives at the centre- not your blind arrogance to get a new house!”.

On the other hand, today the Supreme Court incensed at the Central government after the Delhi government’s petition as the Modi government failed to send the required amounts of oxygen to the state despite SC orders.

SC has made it clear that the central government will strictly abide by its directives to supply oxygen to Delhi at the rate of 700 metric tonnes per day. It stated that these orders must be strictly enforced until they are reviewed or amended.

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