Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account is restored

Finally, Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account is restored. Twitter has also unlocked the accounts that linked to Congress. The Congress Leader’s account was blocked by Twitter after the NCPCR’s complaint that Rahul Gandhi has violated the Juvenile Justice Act by sharing the photo of a nine-year-old girl’s family, who was raped and murdered in southwest Delhi.The pic has disclosed the identity of the girl’s family.

Twitter has unblocked Rahul Gandhi’s account after the Congress Chief has submitted a copy of a consent letter or authorisation through the Indian Grievance Cell to use the referenced image. As a part of the appeal process, he also submitted a letter that the people depicted in the image have allowed him to share.

The Twitter spokesperson has confirmed it to the ANI.  Chairman of Congress’ Social Media Department Rohan Gupta called it is the victory of people after Twitter unblocked Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party’s accounts.

Yesterday, NCPCR also demanded to take action against Rahul Gandhi’s Instagram profile for the aforementioned reason. Mr Gandhi has accused that Twitter is interfering in Indian politics after his account has been blocked.

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