Rahul Ramakrishna’s ‘NET’ garners mixed reviews

‘NET’, currently streaming on ZEE5, has come in for both positive and negative reviews. While the critical applause is positive, many on social media haven’t taken unmixed liking to it.

Reviewers have loved the premise of a married man, who is a porn addict, spying on a young couple. A surveillance website is his weapon. He wastes man and loses his peace of mind in no time because of his misdeeds. His wife is played by Praneeta Patnaik, while the victim is played by Avika Gor.

Directed by Bhargav Macharla, the web film is 90-minutes long. The treatment is ordinary, while the storyline is impressive.

ZEE5’s products such as ‘LOL Salaam’ have been trolled in the past. ‘NET’, to an extent, can be counted as a success.

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