‘Raja Raja Chora’ will make you laugh like crazy: Sree Vishnu

Speaking at the pre-release event of ‘Raja Raja Chora’, Sree Vishnu said that the film is a laugh riot that will eventually be remade in other languages.

The actor claimed that the film is so hilarious that people’s masks will fall off due to the heavy laughter. “This film will take you to a different world. I am proud to have done this movie. Take this from me, this film will be remade in every language,” the ‘Brochevarevaru’ star said.

The actor spoke about his team. “The director of this movie is from the BITS Pilani. He used to earn Rs 2-3 lakh per month before he entered the film industry. The day I met him, I wanted to support him in whatever way possible. While doing ‘Mental Madhilo’, he became a brotherly figure. The performances of Sunaina and Megha Akash are superb,” Vishnu said.

Vishnu said that he went into a trance listening to Vivek Sagar’s music in the film.

‘RRC’ will hit the cinemas on August 19.

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