Rajamouli would have directed that Hindi movie

Writer Vijayendra Prasad, in his latest interview, has revealed that SS Rajamouli would have directed ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ had he not been shooting the battle scenes in ‘Baahubali’ when the Bollywood film was being firmed up at the pre-production level. 

“Once I readied the story, I narrated it to Salman Khan. The actor liked it and said that he would do it. I then asked Rajamouli whether he would like to direct it himself. My son told me to give the story off to some other director as he was too busy with an intense and back-breaking Baahubali schedule at that time,” Vijayendra Prasad told Film Companion.

Prasad added, “After the movie was out, Rajamouli watched it and expressed his regret. He told me that I had asked him at the wrong moment whether he wants to direct it. Had I asked him just two weeks earlier or two weeks later, he would have directed it himself someday.”

Prasad also said that he calls the ‘RRR’ director Nandi at home. 

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