Rajasthan CM’s position could be threatened by Gandhis: Analysts

After the exit of Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, it’s now being said by political analysts that the Congress High Command’s next target could be Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

As per political commentator Rasheed Kidwai, Gehlot has refused to toe the line of the Rahul Gandhi-Sonia Gandhi-Priyanka Gandhi trio on the expansion of the Council of Ministers to accommodate Sachin Pilot’s loyalists. After Singh has been made to resign from behind the curtains, the Gandhis have already sent a warning to Gehlot indirectly, Kidwai suggests. 

Amarinder Singh is believed to be the best CM candidate the Congress party could get. With his resignation, the party is said to be in trouble. If Singh was not spared, can Gehlot stand a chance? This is the question many are now asking.

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