Rajnath Singh launches anti-Covid drug ‘2DG’

Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has released 2DG, a corona medicine manufactured by DRDO. Union Minister Rajnath Singh handed over the medicine to Union Health Minister Harshavardhan and the health minister handed it over to AIIMS Director Guleria.

Speaking on the occasion, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that the drug plays a key role in controlling the covid-19. He said the production of a drug in collaboration with both the public and private sectors at a critical juncture was a perfect example of a healthy partnership.

Union Health Minister Harshavardhan lauded DRDO for playing a key role in the fight against Covid. He also said that with the 2DG drug, Covid recovery rate would be increased and oxygen requirement would also be declined. However, DRDO has not yet announced the price of this ‘2DG’ (2-Deoxy D-Glucose) drug.  Well, this drug will be available in powder and it will be sold in the form of sachets. The minister said it can be taken by dissolving it in water. The DGCI was approved after DRDO submitted its report stating the 2 DG is effective in Covid patients with mild symptoms and it also reduces the use of oxygen. DRDO has made this drug available in the wake of the Covid outbreak in the country.

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