Ram Charan asks NTR about the political entry in EMK!

After social media emerged, it is impossible to hide any info from the fans. Yes, some enthusiastic fans or people have been sharing info about films either to get followers or for any other purpose. And there are some social media handles that deliver film updates to take films closer to the people as well as amplifying the expectations on big films.

With their updates, some handles will give more promotions for small and medium budget films that would help to reach a wider audience. Among such handles, Milagro Movies is one and it has revealed an exciting update that Ram Charan has asked NTR about the political entry in the ‘Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu’ reality show.

It was known that RRR stars will be seen together on the small screen even before their film’s release. Both these stars will appear on EMK first episode that would be aired on 15th August. Ram Charan is Tarak’s guest in EMK and whatever money he earned was donated to charity.

Already, these two stars wrapped up the shooting for the EMK Independence Day episode a few days back.

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