Ram Pothineni’s grandfather passes away

Ram Pothineni on Tuesday took to Twitter to announce the demise of his beloved grandfather. The ‘iSmart Shankar’ star said that he has been inspired by his grandpa’s struggle. There was a time when the grandpa was working as a lorry driver.

“From humble beginnings of a lorry driver in Vijayawada sleeping with lorry tires under your bed to providing and caring for your family, you have always had the heart of a King. You’ve shown us that richness comes not from what’s in your pocket but from what lies in your heart. Thank you for dreaming big for your children & making them what they are today. Rest In Peace, Tatagaru,” the ‘RED’ actor wrote on Twitter.

Ram doesn’t usually sound emotional on social media or in his film speeches. The demise of his beloved family member has seemingly moved him a lot.

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