Remdesivir supply is more than the demand in the country: Union Minister

The Minister of State for Chemicals and Fertilizers, Mansukh Mandaviya has made a statement that the production of Remdesivir is ramped up in the country when compared to April from now. The Union Minister said Remdesivir production is ten times from 33,000 vials/day on 11th April to 3,50,000 vials/day as of today.

He said that the government has augmented the number of plants producing Remdesibir from 20 to 60 plants within a month. The Union Minister said that India has more Remdesivir supply than the demand.

 Mr Mansukh Mandaviya directed the CDSCO and the National Pharmaceuticals Pricing Agency to monitor the availability of Remdesivir in the country consistently.As per the ANI, the Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers also said the government has decided to discontinue the central allocation of Remdesivir to states.

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