Reputed doctor to become Union Health Minister?

It has been rumoured that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will herald a game-changing Cabinet reshuffle in July or August this year once the second wave subsides. In this regard, a wild rumour is doing the rounds. 

A report has speculated that Dr. Devi Shetty, who is a cardiac surgeon, will likely replace Dr. Harsh Vardhan as the Union Health Minister. Shetty, who owns a private hospital, has been vocal about how to deal with the pandemic. 

In a recent Times Of India article, Shetty made several suggestions to the Modi government on how to stave off the pandemic. He heads a task force set up by the Karnataka government to deal with coronavirus. 

The rumour sounds wild for the looks of it. It’s not very believable that Modi will rope in a non-politician. There is no hint to that effect from well-placed sources in Delhi so far. 

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