Review: 3 Roses

‘3 Roses’ is an eight-episode web series. Its first four episodes are currently streaming on Aha. Here is our review of the series.

Ritu (Eesha Rebba), who has graduated from IIM, has to leave her job at an Ad agency after her parents force her to get ready for marriage. Jhanvi (Payal Rajput) dates a CEO named Pratyush but the relationship comes with a twist. Indu (Purnaa of ‘Avunu’ fame) is pushing 30 and is frustrated that she is not yet married. After facing disappointments in life, the three friends get together to have fun at a pub.

This is a fairly well-acted series as far as the main actors are concerned. Eesha, whose mainstream film selections such as ‘Brand Babu’ and ‘Raagala 24 Gantallo’ have been pathetic, is good in the role of a career-oriented woman.

Payal Rajput, who has acted in star vehicles such as ‘Venky Mama’ and OTT shows such as ‘Anaganaga O Athidhi’, is okayish. Purnaa of ‘Avunu’ fame was recently seen in ‘Sundari’, a dud. She is a bit over the top in ‘3 Roses’, with her comic timing needing improvement.

Viva Harsha and Satyam Rajesh deliver laughs, while Goparaju Ramana is at his usual self. Hema is routine. Sarayu Roy is limited to a couple of double-meaning scenes. 

Technical Departments:
MR Sunny’s background music is filled with cues. For a web series, it passes muster. It would have been inadequate had ‘3 Roses’ been a feature film. MN Balreddy’s cinematography is not bad. Vrajbala J’s art direction and SB Uddhav’s editing are sloppy.

For some reason, Aha has released only half the series. The first four episodes are out, but the second set of four episodes will stream from November 19. As there, there is no sense of completion. The four episodes total nearly two hours of run-time.   

The first episode is dedicated to Eesha Rebba’s story, the second tells Payal’s story, and the third one is all about Purnaa’s plight. The fourth one is where the three friends are seen together.

The first two episodes are either cliched or too affected. The second two episodes are watchable, thanks also to the performances, the settings. 
It has to be seen how the three women, each of whom face their own set of problems and come with different proclivities, make peace with themselves in the coming episodes. For now, ‘3 Roses’ feels incomplete.

The web series is an affected attempt at exploring the mindsets of the three modern women at the centre of the plot.

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