Review: Bazaar Rowdy

‘Bazaar Rowdy’ hit the cinemas today (August 20). Here is our review of the family-action drama. 


Kali (Sampoornesh Babu) is an orphan by choice. As a child, he developed a strong dislike for his father (Nagineedu), who used to hate his itch to bash up classmates. Fifteen years later, Kali has become a ‘bazaar rowdy’, coming to the rescue of the exploited people of his ‘basthi’. Fifteen years later, Sayaji Shinde, Prudhviraj and Kathi Mahesh have become vultures, seeking to loot Nagineedu’s property. Kali returns with a mission. Can he save his family? 

Sampoornesh Babu has never been this boring in his career. ‘Kobbari Matta’ was an unassuming comedy that gave the right kind of characters to Sampoo. The actor toyed with its possibilities and made the most of the material. But ‘Bazaar Rowdy’ is misguided to the core in its very intent. 

The rest of the cast is mildly irritating when they are not outright unwatchable. The film doesn’t respect any of its female actors, who are busy admiring either Sampoo’s guts or looks or both. 

Technical Departments:
Music director Sai Kartheek competes with Sampoo to deliver a one-note output. The songs are lost in the din. At times, the background score is non-existent, probably because the composer was working from home – on mute. A Vijay Kumar’s cinematography is poor from the get-go. 

What was director V Nageswara Rao even thinking while making ‘Bazaar Rowdy’. There is a dowry harassment scene after an eve-teasing scene, which was followed by an ‘extortion in the street’ scene. The film is an exercise in ticking off the items on a checklist, which the writing department seems to have laid their hands on by time-travelling to the Superstar Krishna-Ramesh Babu era. 

When they are not itching to have a fangirl moment with Kali, the girls in the movie admire his supposedly extraordinary problem-solving abilities. In one scene, Kali seeks a favour from a girl after saving her from eve-teasers. And the girl is shown to be dying to do him a favour. After all, he is a ‘Bazaar Rowdy’, as against a ‘City Rowdy’ or ‘State Rowdy’. His ways are crazy, like it or not.

He solves a ‘basthi’ issue when a rich woman wants to set up a factory, but not before declaring that Bombay is his background. The film has the audacity to mock the story-writing in short films. The fact is, short films have a better story arc than this movie.
In a scene, Kali tells a woman that she has burned up his lungs like Coronavirus. After his corona-laced romantic line, there is a special song involving three aunts and three cousins. Probably, the song was shot at a quarantine centre due to budgetary constraints. 

The pro-Sampoo dialogues are non-stop in the film. A character wants to know who Kali is and when Sampoo turns towards him, he is sure that he is Kali himself. “Going by the power in your eyes, you must be Kali,” he says. 
The climax is truly terrible, where the action choreography is a cop out. 

‘Bazaar Rowdy’ should have ideally been made as a laugh riot where Sampoornesh Babu believes he is a mass hero, while he is actually deluded like Brahmanamdam’s character in ‘Baadshah’. What a wasted opportunity! 

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