Review: Crrush

‘Crrush’, written and directed by Ravi Babu, is now streaming on ZEE5. Here is our review of the direct OTT release. 

Ravi (Abhay Simha), Vamsi (Krishna Burugula), and Teju (Charan Sai) are three childhood friends who seek to migrate to the US to do their graduation. This is when they get curious about losing their virginity so that they are not caught unawares in the presence of sexually active women in the US. This makes them pine for girls. What follows is a series of gags involving innuendos and crass comedy.

The lead actors prove to be inadequate. Everything hinged on their ability to make stupidity look interesting. But their comic timing, while being awkward, is halting at best. Their dialogue delivery is one-note. Ankita Manoj plays one of the heroines and she is good-looking. But the scenes give her no space to emote. 

Ram Ravipalli, an otherwise talented actor, proves to be a big bore as a father eager to teach his son the basics of sex. The rest of the cast are caricaturish and they are annoying, to say the least. Sudha Reddy, as a divorced lady unwittingly sending one of the boys into a sexual tizzy, is absolutely cringe-worthy to watch. 

Technical Departments:
After ‘Avunu’, not many have expected technical finesse from Ravi Babu’s movies. But ‘Crrush’ is comprehensively malnourished in its lack of technical strength. Vaidhhy’s background music doesn’t complement the mood of the ‘fun’ scenes. The songs are half-decent and even their fairly less unbearable vibes come undone by the drag that they are on the pace. N Sudhakar Reddy’s cinematography is inadequate. 

Ravi Babu, after a series of flops such as ‘Adhugo’ and ‘Aaviri’, teams up with his long-time associate Satyanand (co-writer). Together with Nivas’ unfunny dialogues, the director seeks to recreate the fun of an ‘Allari’ and fails spectacularly. 

‘Crrush’ is staged like an adult comedy, but it is by far the most crass adult comedy to have come out of Tollywood in the OTT era. The three friends are barely out of their teens and they are obsessed about only one thing: Sex. This sexual awakening in them has happened overnight. Till yesterday, they were innocent boys who might have been prudes.
The sexual awakening is portrayed by Ravi Babu in an uncreative, cliche-ridden manner. The film lacks an emotional subtext or core. And it takes forever for the one love story in the film to come to the fore. 

There is a track involving one of the lead men and his ‘maradalu’; it’s replete with inappropriate behaviour and problematic notions. There is also gay ‘comedy’ and it really falls flat. 

More than 18 years after ‘Allari’ and ‘Abbayilu Ammayilu’, Ravi Babu is not yet tired of his favourite sexy comedy tropes. He should tap into his ‘Nachavule’ and ‘Nuvvila’ sensibilities for good. There was a time when his aesthetic was good at mixing emotions with the adult comedy spice. In ‘Crrush’, the director is merely content with dishing out B-grade jokes around fruits and cricketing analogy in the name of budding romance/love.

‘Crrush’ is a crass comedy that doesn’t engage even the non-serious audience. Its jokes are outdated, while its performances are notoriously boring.

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