Review: Gully Rowdy

‘Gully Rowdy’ today hit the cinemas. A comedy entertainer, here is our review of the movie.

Sundeep Kishan plays Vasu, whose grandfather wants him to become a reigning rowdy in Vizag. His love affair with Sahitya (Neha Sheetty) triggers a set of events in which he gets invariably embroiled. Vasu has to take on a dreaded rowdy named Bairagi, besides dealing with a macabre cop played by Bobby Simha. He has to do it while saving the somewhat insane family of the heroine, whose patriarch (Rajendra Prasad) is a constable with remarkable cowardice as his middle name.

After a serious subject like ‘A1 Express’, Sundeep Kishan has done a comedy this time. And his easy performance is a major asset. He looks breezy, if not refreshing. To an extent, he brings to the table the kind of vibes his character Nellore Prabha exuded in ‘Vivaha Bhojanambu’. Neha Shetty is one of the few small-time actresses in recent times to have got the comedy right. Her timing complements the hero’s.

Rajendra Prasad is hilarious with his slightly exaggerated style. The National Award-winning Bobby Simha is replaceable. Viva Harsha draws laughs after some of his recent outings, yet again.

If Vennela Kishore is at his idiosyncratic self, Posani Krishna Murali outshines Shakalaka Shankar.

Technical Departments:
If most of the songs are by Sai Kartheek, Chaurastha Rastha, too, chips in as a music director. The songs ‘Addamgaa Bukkaipoyaa’, ‘Visakhapatnam lo Rowdy Gaado’, and ‘Changure Item Songree’ by the former are entertaining, while ‘Puttene Prema’ by the latter is impressive, too.

Sujatha Siddharth cranks the camera, while Chota K Prasad’s editing is apt.


Writer-director G Nageshwara Reddy has got an old-fashioned touch to comedy. But when he is helped by a screenplay writer like Kona Venkat, he shows potential. ‘Gully Rowdy’ is about this combination, who struggle to realize their potential.

The first 30 minutes of the film keep our interest intact. For that matter, the entire first half is engaging enough, although the ones wishing to be in splits will have to look for entertainment somewhere else. The episode where Sahitya’s incompetent family members try to kidnap Bairagi would have been one of the best segments in the hands of an amazing writing team. But the episode is lost in the din of barely average performances. 

The post-interval blocks are choppy. We get a sense that a twist will be delivered. And when it comes, the narration is inadequate. Even the comedy weakens considerably. 
Vennela Kishore and Sivannarayana are seen as a son and father, respectively. The track hasn’t been leveraged properly. The climax is where the film rises above the cliches and the boring tropes such as cop-rowdy rivalry. 

The action scenes are routine, which makes the affair all the more inadequate. 

‘Gully Rowdy’ is an exercise in unrealized potential.

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