Review: Ichata Vahanamulu Nilupa Radu

‘Ichata Vahanamulu Nilupa Radu’ hit the cinemas on August 27. Here is our review of the box office release. 

Arun (Sushanth) is in love with his colleague Meenakshi (Meenakshi Chaudhary). The son of a single mother (Aiswarya) gets embroiled in a web of politics and crime when a woman from a political family is murdered and the residents of the colony where Meenakshi stays suspect that Arun is the one who murdered her. If Arun is caught, they are going to kill him. Can he save his skin, especially when Meenakshi’s brother (Venkat), a wannabe corporator (Ravi Varma) and a mercurial cop named Rudra are impatient?

Sushanth, after playing a muted role in ‘Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo’ and a decent one in ‘Chi La Sow’, gets to do action, romance and comedy here. He is seen in almost every scene in the first half, while he is sidelined in some stretches in the second. 
Meenakshi Chaudhary performs well in the serious scenes. Ravi Varma is outperformed by Vennela Kishore, Abhinav Gomatam, Priyadarshi and Harish Koyalagundla of ‘Amrutham Lo Chandamama’ fame. Venkat and Nikhil Kailasa are okayish. 

Technical Departments:
Praveen Lakkaraju’s music is done well. ‘Neevalle Neevalle’ and ‘Hey Manasendhukila’ make a mark. M Sukumar’s cinematography could have been way too intelligent, considering that there are a lot of shots that should have triggered scare. 

The film is staged like a typical rom-com in the first half. The male lead starts narrating his love story to Vennela Kishore’s character. If workplace romance is nothing exciting, the scenes are over-indulged. It’s only the interspersing of the romantic songs with the track that clicks. 

The aspect of Arun being forced by his mother (Aiswarya) not to ride a bike doesn’t lead to any emotional catharsis, even when a tragedy strikes. The female lead’s insistence that Arun get hold of a bike is convenient, given the nature of the plot.
The possibility of the heroine trying to convince her ‘bava’ and her elder brother in order to save Arun’s skin, at least for the time being, is not even explored for a great part of run-time. As such, the story doesn’t sound believable. 

The second half takes a curious turn, a turn that receives a creative fillip because the comedians know how to extract the laughs. The interplay of politicking, criminal-police nexus and cynical trickery is not tapped into adequately. 

The climax could have been way more ominous for its characters. The execution leaves much to be desired, especially given the fact that Arun is running out of time. He has to get some things done quickly and there is a friend sentiment involved as well. Despite all the potential in the writing, the screenplay is underwhelming.

This film is more of a wasted opportunity. The story line is gripping, but the screenplay bungles it up. 

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